Notable Sierra Leoneans you will hear from in the movie:

Hector Bultman Hector Bultman is the last surviving member of the Sierra Leone delegation that went to Lancaster House in England to negotiate for the country’s independence. He was representing one of the political parties of the period, but ended up joining Siaka Stevens’s APC party. He reminisced on the Lancaster House Conference and the atmosphere of joy and anticipation at the time of Sierra Leone’s independence in 1961.

Dr. John Karefa Smart (late) A medical doctor by training, Dr. Karefa Smart also held a Masters in Public Health. He attended African liberation meetings in the US with Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and other icons of the African independence movement, and was independent Sierra Leone’s first Foreign Minister. Bunce Island Media filmmakers were able to secure an exclusive interview with Dr. Karefa Smart a few years ago, in which he spoke at length about the country’s independence movement and the role he played as one of its chief architects. He provides an interesting and fascinating look behind the scenes of how Sierra Leone was able to achieve independence from Great Britain and how it fared in that first decade.

Joseph Kaifala Joseph is a Law student at the University of Vermont in the USA. He started the Jeneba Project to provide scholarships to underprivileged children and build primary and secondary schools in Sierra Leone. He has already built a library and a school in the Masoyila area of Lungi in Sierra Leone, and is looking to build more. You can find out a bit more about Joseph’s initiative at his website, The Jeneba Project.

Dr. Talabi Aisie Lucan Dr. Lucan is a writer and educator, and has written several books for children. She has degrees from the University of London, Ohio State University and Northwestern University, and has taught in both the UK and Sierra Leone. She is now the Executive Director of the Council for Human Ecology in Sierra Leone (CHECSL).

WATCH clips from this documentary


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