Photos from Sierra Leone’s 50th Independence Anniversary

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Here is an assortment of photos that we took in Sierra Leone in April 2011, during the height of the independence anniversary celebrations.

More to come…



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Welcome to the Salonedocfilm Blog. This is a blog to promote and track the progress of a new documentary film about Sierra Leone’s 50th Independence Anniversary.

I shot this picture on a late evening in Freetown, after coming across a group of young artists painting the Anniversary logo on walls and on the street. It inspired myself and my film partner to interview a couple of the artists for the documentary we were shooting. But the image of young artists taking it upon themselves to beautify their surroundings while making their own positive contribution to the anniversary celebrations made me reflect on why we were making the film in the first place. As artists, we rarely operate in a supportive space. With little or no backing, the creative process nevertheless comes brilliantly and boldly to life. So here were these youngsters, the future of our beautiful country, showing us the way forward by doing. Assuming responsibility. And that’s what this film is about. What can the young generation do to carry this nation forward the next 50 years? Join us as we seek the solutions.